The Pond

The pond is a substantial water feature at the centre of the Cliffden’s extensive gardens, which guests are welcome to enjoy from several vantage points within the hotel’s vast grounds. The pond is another feature in the gardens of the Cliffden which invites guests to take the opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the natural beauty that the hotel has to offer.


The Beach

While we cannot promise sun, Teignmouth Town Beach is guaranteed to provide sea and sand in spades! Venture beyond the greenery of the Cliffden’s gardens and experience the golden stretches of the Devonshire Coast. Sit back and relax, whether you spend your time fishing, crabbing or building the perfect sand castle. The beach is an ideal place for families to enjoy some quality time together. There is also a designated dog-friendly area meaning that your beloved pets can be part of the family fun.

No seaside getaway is complete without a trip to the beach, and guests are more than welcome to avail themselves of the golden sands on Teignmouth Town Beach.

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Originally conceived as the guardians of the Garden of Eden, cherubs have enjoyed a long-standing affinity with gardens throughout history. It is therefore appropriate that the Cliffden has several stone cherubs in residence on its grounds to protect the Edenic surroundings of the hotel’s vast gardens.


The Garden House

Built in the Cliffden’s extensive gardens in 1937, the Garden House is Roderick Mules’ homage to the Canadian architecture he encountered during the early part of the twentieth century. Constructed of cedar wood with a cedar shingle roof, the distinctive scent of the wood remains strong and evocative over eight decades after its construction.


Flora & Fauna

The vastness of the gardens at the Cliffden mean that there is an enormous variety of flowers and plant life for guests to enjoy during your stay with us. Marvel at a stimulating sensory experience and enjoy the scents, sounds and sights of an array of horticultural treasures.